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Healthcare Policy Series

This series (formerly Policy Insight Series) is aimed at helping members of the public healthcare family develop a better understanding of Singapore’s healthcare system, its key policies and the underlying principles and considerations behind various health policy decisions.


9th HPS - CareShield Life: Financing our Long Term Care Needs on 14 September 2018

​The 9th Healthcare Policy Series (HPS) seminar featured CareShield Life – a national long term care insurance scheme recently announced by the Ministry of Health (MOH).  At this seminar, Ms Jasmin Lau, Director (ESH/IP Project Office, MOH), shared the considerations by the Ministry in the planning of long term care financing for Singaporeans and how these changes would help Singaporeans better prepare for long term care needs, especially in old age. 

Ms Jasmin Lau

​Ms Jasmin Lau, Director, Eldershield and Integrated Shield Plans Project Offce, Ministry of Health