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Events and lectures

This is a lecture series organised by HLC, where we invite prominent leaders and experts to speak on current and emerging healthcare and leadership issues for the public healthcare sector. Past speakers included Dr Atul Gawande, best-selling writer and researcher on medical issues;  Mr Lim Siong Guan, former head of the Singapore Civil Service; and Mr Philip Yeo, former Chairman of EDB and A*STAR. The DSS is held one to two times a year and admission fees are fully subsidised by HLC​.

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This is aimed at helping members of the public healthcare family develop a better understanding of Singapore’s healthcare system, its key policies and the underlying principles and considerations behind various health policy decisions. This series of short seminars complements HLC’s current efforts to drive leadership development through  leadership milestone programmes as well as enhance policy perspectives and understanding across the public healthcare sector.

The Healthcare Policy Series is held two times a year and admission fees are fully subsidised by HLC. Past talks featured the topics of Primary Care Transformation, Singapore’s Ageing Masterplan and Capacity Building for Singapore’s healthcare system.

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Alumni events

The College also hosts events and talks for alumni of its milestone programmes, such as fireside chats with senior healthcare leaders, policy workshops and learning journeys. Alumni events are open by invitation only, and admission fees are fully subsidised by HLC. 


March 2024 – Issue 30

In this issue of Leading Healthcare

  • The Conviction to Persevere – Dean’s Message by Prof Pang Weng Sun
  • Letters to Young Leaders – Resilience and Growth by Prof William Hwang Ying Khee
  • Tending the Bamboo by HLC
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