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PS(Health) Announces Leadership Transition in HLC

As part of a planned leadership transition at the Healthcare Leadership College (HLC), the incumbent Dean, Prof Aymeric Lim, will be relinquishing his role on 31 December 2021. Aymeric will be handing over stewardship of the College to Prof Pang Weng Sun with effect from 1 January 2022. To facilitate a seamless transition process, Weng Sun will first assume the role of Dean-Designate from 1 September 2021, before his official appointment as Dean, HLC on 1 January 2022.

Prof Aymeric Lim
Outgoing Dean, HLC

As the founding Dean of the Healthcare Leadership College, Aymeric has nurtured the College since its initial conceptualisation and setting up in 2012. He ably guided the College to its current status as a respected and sought-after leader development institution for public healthcare leaders.

Over the past decade, Aymeric has made far-sighted and instrumental contributions to HLC and the larger cause of public healthcare leadership development. Under his committed and visionary leadership, HLC’s milestone programmes have groomed generations of healthcare leaders at various stages of their career, by fostering shared values and ethos, providing insights into key healthcare policies, strengthening their leadership capabilities, forging a close and supportive community of healthcare leaders, and instilling a strong sense of purpose and public service.

In the ten years since its inception, HLC has developed more than 8,300 leaders through about 150 programme runs and interventions. Its highly regarded milestone programmes nurture high-potential talent in the public healthcare institutions, catering to leaders at different career junctures and across various professional groups. The College’s ground-breaking Singapore Chief Residency Programme (SCRP), which Aymeric personally championed tirelessly, has over the past eight years nurtured more than 230 young doctor leaders, many of whom will in the years to come, assume significant leadership positions and effect transformative change for our healthcare system. The College also started the Singapore Nurse Leaders Programme (SNLP) three years ago, to groom outstanding nurse leaders to be advocates of change, and to equip them with rich perspectives in community care. At the most senior level, the College’s apex milestone programme, Leaders for Singapore Healthcare (LSH), plays a critical role in supporting the next generation of senior organisational leaders who will steer Singapore’s public healthcare agencies and institutions into the future.

Today, HLC has grown from its humble roots to a dynamic and forward-looking College for key public healthcare leaders. The fruits of the seeds that Aymeric and the College have planted will not be measured in numbers and KPIs, but in the contributions of the many leaders who have benefited from its interventions and the strong bonds of friendship that span far and wide across our community of healthcare leaders. I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to Aymeric for his unwavering dedication to HLC while assuming his other various portfolios, including his primary appointment as Chief Executive Officer and Senior Consultant at the National University Hospital.

Prof Pang Weng Sun
Incoming Dean, HLC

I am heartened that Aymeric would be passing on the baton to an experienced and steady pair of hands that will drive HLC in its next phase of development and transformation. Prof Pang Weng Sun is currently a Senior Consultant for Geriatric Medicine at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital (KTPH)/ Yishun Community Hospital (YCH) and Vice Dean, Clinical Affairs at the Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, NTU. Additionally, he serves as Senior Advisor at the Geriatric Education and Research Institute. He was formerly Deputy Group CEO (Population Health) at the National Healthcare Group (NHG) and previously held various other appointments including Head of Geriatric Medicine in Alexandra Hospital (AH); Chairman, Medical Board of AH, KTPH and YCH; Consultant Geriatrician in Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH); Acting Group CEO of Alexandra Health System; and President of the Society for Geriatric Medicine.

Weng Sun has contributed his expertise, most significantly in the area of geriatric medicine, to various community services and has tirelessly partnered with MOH and other agencies to further developments in eldercare and palliative care in Singapore. He is also well respected for being an active role model to the younger generation of clinicians. He was a recipient of the Healthcare Humanity Award (2005), Public Administration Medal Silver (2012) and National Outstanding Clinician Educator (2016).

With his esteemed standing among the healthcare community and his passion in nurturing the next generation of leaders while instilling the right values and leadership philosophies, I am more than confident that Weng Sun will continue to ignite the development of HLC as a College that builds value-based leadership capabilities and capacities for the future of Singapore healthcare.

I end this note by echoing HLC’s vision for its fraternity of leaders, as represented through trees in different stages of growth. Every tree starts off as a sapling that grows stronger and taller under the right conditions, while the tightly knit tree roots represent our hopes to grow a close community of leaders who draw strength from each other in challenging times. As HLC embarks on the next exciting phase in its journey, it embodies our hopes that the leaders of our healthcare community will continue to grow from one generation to the next.

Chan Yeng Kit
Permanent Secretary (Health)
1 September 2021