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Vision, Mission & Values

The Healthcare Leadership College (HLC), a division of MOH Holdings, supports the building of strong leadership capacity and capabilities for our national healthcare system, in line with the Ministry of Health’s vision and strategic priorities.

We aspire to be a keystone and trusted partner in developing leaders of and for Singapore healthcare, and in building bridges and growing community across agencies, clusters, institutions and professions in the Singapore healthcare ecosystem.

We develop leaders of and for Singapore healthcare through efforts including the design and delivery of high quality programmes and other learning and engagement platforms, with emphasis on the following strategic priorities:

  • Foster a one healthcare family mindset
  • Build shared values and ethos amongst public healthcare leaders 
  • Develop understanding of key healthcare policies, the rationale and principles behind the policies 
  • Strengthen leadership capabilities of healthcare leaders to enable change and drive strategies to transform healthcare delivery
  • Nurture a community of healthcare leaders across professions and across the healthcare family to bring about greater collaboration and sharing, and inspiration to the next generation of leaders


In this issue of Leading Healthcare

  • The Heart of Leadership – Dean’s Message by Prof Pang Weng Sun
  • Leading with Head and Heart by Ms Tan Soh Chin
  • Turning Hearts Towards the Intellectually Disabled in Singapore – IDHealth
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