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The Healthcare Leadership College (HLC) supports the building of strong leadership capacity and capabilities for our national healthcare system, in line with the Ministry of Health’s vision and strategic priorities.

We develop and deliver high quality programmes and other learning platforms for public healthcare leaders, covering topics such as leadership and organisational development, public service ethos and values, and key healthcare policies and issues. Our programmes and interventions are focused on promising public healthcare talents, who are likely to assume key leadership positions in future. They include:  Leadership Milestone Programmes, Continuing Development Programmes, as well as talks and events. For our Leadership Milestone and Continuing Development Programmes, participation is by nomination from the Ministry of Health (MOH), MOH Holdings and institutions within the public healthcare family (including statutory boards and agencies).

The key common objectives for our programmes and interventions are to​:

  • Foster a one healthcare family mindset
  • Build shared values and ethos amongst public healthcare leaders 
  • Develop understanding of key healthcare policies, the rationale and principles behind the policies 
  • Strengthen leadership capabilities of healthcare leaders to enable change and drive strategies to transform healthcare delivery
  • Nurture a community of healthcare leaders across professions and to bring about greater collaboration and sharing  ​

March 2024 – Issue 30

In this issue of Leading Healthcare

  • The Conviction to Persevere – Dean’s Message by Prof Pang Weng Sun
  • Letters to Young Leaders – Resilience and Growth by Prof William Hwang Ying Khee
  • Tending the Bamboo by HLC
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