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Leadership Milestone Programmes

HLC’s Leadership Milestone Programmes are focused on promising public healthcare talents who are likely to assume key leadership positions in future.  The objectives of these programmes are to foster a one public healthcare family mindset, build shared values and ethos, provide insights into key healthcare policies, strengthen leadership capabilities, and create a strong community of public healthcare leaders.  Our Leadership Milestone Programmes adopt a range of interactive methodologies including case discussions, sessions with MOH policy experts, and experiential learning opportunities. The programmes also include dialogue sessions with Ministers, senior MOH officials, and senior public healthcare leaders, as well as dialogues with prominent industry and people sector leaders to provide our participants with broader perspectives. 
HLC currently runs a range of Leadership Milestone Programmes for aspiring public healthcare talents at different career stages.  
Participation is by nomination from MOH, MOH Holdings and institutions within the public healthcare family (including statutory boards and agencies).

Teambonding session Learning journey Leadership dialogue Discussion 


HLC’s vision for its fraternity of leaders and alumni is represented through trees in different stages of growth; every tree starts off as a sapling that grows stronger and taller under the right conditions.  The tightly knit tree roots represent our hopes to grow a close community of healthcare leaders, who draw strength from each other and support one another during challenging times.  So that together, we can achieve more for Singapore Health.​ 

The programme names reflect our hopes for our future leaders:  That we can ignite in them a strong and unwavering sense of purpose; that they can grow into leaders who effect and enable change; that they will be strategic and visionary in steering our healthcare institutions into the future; and that they will be dedicated and responsible stewards of Singapore’s healthcare system for the future.

I. Leaders for Singapore Healthcare (LSH)
The Leaders for Singapore Healthcare (LSH) is HLC’s new signature programme for senior healthcare leaders with organisational level responsibilities. As senior healthcare leaders, participants will examine their roles as leaders of and for the Singapore health eco-system, with a larger influence across institutions and clusters, and beyond public healthcare. The programme is conducted over four​ months, in four segments, and includes a study trip.​

II. Strategic Leaders Programme (SLP)
The SLP brings together experienced Heads of Departments (HODs) who play important strategic roles in ensuring the sustainability of healthcare and co-creating solutions for Singapore healthcare.

The SLP will support our senior leaders to adopt a one healthcare mindset, and appreciate the importance of a whole of system approach that include perspectives beyond healthcare.

Participants will have the opportunity to reflect on their collective leadership and collaborative practice as they lead larger and more diverse teams within and across healthcare institutions.

The SLP is also designed for participants to deepen networks and relationships among their peers to strengthen collaboration in the healthcare family.

III. Effective Leaders Programme (ELP)
The ELP supports new Heads of Departments (HODs) to be effective leaders in driving transformation of healthcare delivery, aligned with the wider healthcare strategic direction.

The ELP is designed to deepen participants’ understanding of the healthcare system - its complexity and strategic direction, and widen their perspectives beyond the professional and institutional viewpoints.

The ELP also supports participants in reflecting on their personal leadership practice, and focus on driving change and building teams with a collective mission.

The programme emphasises the building of shared experiences and perspectives among participants, and fosters a trusted peer support community for mutual support and collaboration.

IV. Igniting Leaders Programme (ILP)
The ILP is designed for middle managers in the healthcare family who play important roles implementing healthcare initiatives and supporting change efforts within their departments and teams, in support of transformation in healthcare.

The ILP aims to strengthen participants’ systems perspectives by providing opportunities for them to examine our healthcare philosophy and policy choices, and understand our larger strategic goals and priorities. This also helps participants understand one another’s role in the healthcare system.

The ILP will enable participants to gain insight into their own leadership practice, especially in building their teams, and allows them to re-ignite their sense of purpose in healthcare. The ILP will also be an important platform for participants to foster peer support networks across healthcare institutions and professions.

V.Singapore Nurse Leaders Programme (SNLP)
The Singapore Nurse Leaders Programme (SNLP) is a new 3-month national programme to groom level 2 nurse leaders to be advocates of change with strong leadership and policy perspectives. The programme is one of the recommendations by the Future Nursing Career Review Committee (FNCRC) to equip them with an understanding of the community sector. The SNLP will target nurses across all nursing career tracks – management, clinical and education. In addition to in-person seminars and workshops, the programme includes a community care exposure where participants will gain an understanding of the care models, roles and scope of nursing practice within different community care settings.

VI. New Leaders Programme (NLP)
The NLP supports the development of high potential first time team leaders in the healthcare family.

The transition from being an individual contributor to leading a team is a significant and challenging milestone.
The NLP encourages participants to explore their new role: How does the Singapore healthcare system work?
What is my role in the larger healthcare system? What does it mean to lead? What does it mean to lead in the healthcare family? 

The NLP also provides opportunities for participants to network across healthcare institutions and professions. 

VII. Singapore Chief Residency Programme (SCRP)
The Singapore Chief Residency Programme (SCRP) is a seven months national programme that aims to equip junior doctors with leadership, teaching, management and policy competencies while inspiring a public service ethos and camaraderie that transcends the healthcare clusters.  The SCRP is targeted at doctors in training who have potential to assume key clinical, administrative and educational leadership roles within their organisations.  Individuals are nominated through supervisor, peer and team recommendation as well as individual interviews. Nominees are evaluated by a cross-institution committee and selected based on their altruism, professionalism, teaching, role modelling and leadership potential.​


March 2024 – Issue 30

In this issue of Leading Healthcare

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  • Tending the Bamboo by HLC
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